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We'd love to share your expertise with our audience aka THE CHOP SQUAD. The success of our podcast is a team effort. We depend on our guests share the links on their social channels, newsletters, websites, blogs, messaging, etc. If you do not mind doing that, please start by completing this pre-interview application. If you have a challenge uploading your photo it may need to be under 2 megabytes. Preferred dimensions: 400 pixels by 400 pixels. If you have a different social channel than choices offered include it at the end of your bio and we will add it on our end.  Once you hit submit a link will appear at the bottom of the form for you to schedule a  recording date.  We schedule several virtual/in-person interviews on the third  Saturday each month (except for holiday and vacation weeks) Cleveland, Ohio. If you require a different day, we will do our best to accommodate you. NOTE: interviews are not compensated. We look forward to chopping it up with you soon. Thank you for your interest.